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Structural Designers

For the head office in Warsaw we are looking for a few Building Structural Engineers for the positions of the “Assistant Designers” and “Designers”.

We design – calculate, make models and draw the single elements in order to create the whole structure. We are like “big boys” that play “Lego” but in giant proportions.

We work in unified design environment for both foreign and domestic markets. We constantly and nearly solely use Eurocodes, AutoCAD 3D and unique software-tools dedicated our products.  We use up to date equipment with new or even the newest software versions.

Our way of competing is challenging the competitors in keeping up high quality results. We have much higher internal company standards, internal rules and regulations than are formulated in National and European Standards.

We work daily and closely with our Scandinavian colleagues. Therefor You will most likely be assigned to one of the teams working on the international level.

We let our young colleagues to rather quickly participate in projects that You will not see otherwise in many years in the most other companies.

In order to be successful in Precon Polska we expect of You:

  • EDUCATION – structural engineer / civil engineer or similar, we would prefer the Master Degree although in   exceptional cases we can think of investing in the Bachelor Degree,

AutoCad handling with ease, general Eurocodes knowledge, (we will teach You all other specific tools)

  • ENGLISH – widely defined as “speaking, reading and writing with ease”, You will be more fluent after a while, all technical and specific terms You will pick up here on the job.
  • WORK EXPERIENCE – well, we prefer app. 2-3 years for the “Designer” position but in case of “Assistant Designer” we might consider limited experience with similar tasks.

 We are looking for long time commitment on both sides! Therefore we wish to find colleagues that are more than others featured with qualities presented below:

  • WELL ORGANISED – that means something like: focused, concentrated, structured, efficient, detailed, patient, keeping deadlines and quality at work,
  • SELF-GOING – which we understand stands for: mature, care taking, engaged, responsible, reliable, interested, problem solving, with initiative, proper judgement, wright priorities, keeping rules, resistant to reasonable stress,
  • TEAM PLAYING – You can solely solve problems but You support a group and act as a group. You can listen, understand other points of view, respect, support, propose, discuss, choose, compromise, agree, follow, … Sometimes You will fill in for somebody and sometimes somebody will do it for You. You know from Your experience that We can more and We can better as the group. We before Me! It is definitely more fun in a group.
  • UNDERTSTANDING OF THE BASIC RULES OF LIFE – which today really means the basic rules of economics – What business is all about? Where does the money come from? What does the owner expects from us? What is our task? Simple things, everyday things for You, for us, for everybody. Vital things!

There are also some other advantages that can make just Your application to be more attractive:

  • The designer and/or building licences,
  • Experience in designing in other building materials like steel in steel frame structures and similar, …
  • Specific skills but somewhat in line with the job.
  • Out of the box! Strong motivation!
  • You name it! It can make a difference!

Does it sound interesting? Does it reflect You? Who You are and how You work?

Has it come the right time to make a change in life. Send us Your application!

You are the right person for us, that closes the recruitment!

You will report to our chief constructor or assigned project leader. You will start working with “on the job training”. Due to our unique – prefabricated needs, working methods and applied standards You will start with necessary trainings. Detailed understanding of the building structures is a vital key component to us therefore we will help You with getting to know that part.

Further on You will mainly designing / draw concrete prefabricated elements for concrete prefabricated buildings / structures like: industrial facilities, production halls, offices, public and apartment buildings, animal housing for farms, tanks and some niche products.

The results of Your work will be drawings / documentation of the project You work with. The drawings will be used in production of prefabricated elements mainly abroad but sometimes in our own plant in Poland. Your drawings will also become assembling documents for the building teams at the building sites to rise a whole structure.

Your duties will include some limited travelling within Poland and from time to time even abroad. We presume that You are mobile enough and You have a driving licence. The car is not a requirement.

Should You have any questions You are most welcome to contact us. 

Your application consisting of CV and the motivation letter is to be written in English with the headline “DESIGNER 2017” or “ASSISTENT DESIGNER 2017” to  (+48 22 622 22 09 ext 202 or 203).

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