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Manager for Agricultural Department (AGRI)

We are looking for a new college for the position of AGRI Manager (domestic agricultural department). The desk is situated in the head office in Warsaw but the duties are conducted in many parts of Poland.

The AGRI sector is our main area of interest. We have successfully been active with various products for farmers in many years now. We have been continuously developing our products and offer range. We have some dedicated solutions and we want to further improve the offer, increase the sales and get stronger in that segment.

Therefore we are in need of a manager who will take care of our AGRI department. Manage, coordinate, develop, improve, adjust, expand, widen and deepen, generally all aspects of being a boss over a sales department, which now is comprising of 6 technical sales advisors / salesmen.

We have a lot of experience of producing and handling up-to-date products that well stand competition in Poland and in Scandinavia. We are a specialized producer of particular modern building materials and we also have a very modern design office in house. We design all our products by ourselves. We can easily adapt the products to different customer needs or develop a new alternatives. We manufacture all our products in our production plant in Jastrowie. We have a really big export of our housing elements and design services to Sweden, to our mother company – Abetong AB. Of that reason we have to have modern solutions and up-to-date production technology. Naturally modern tools as well – computers, programs, IT network, etc. We also have some assembling potential and we build / raise some very specific, strategically chosen structures in a unique manner. We are open for solutions as long as they are in line with our business concept and they benefit – generate profits for both the customer and us.

Your task is to take care of all marketing and sales activities of all our AGRI products in Poland. The job involves all aspects of being a boss in a modern, western like company. Among all – preparing marketing strategies, sales plans, budgets, offers, agreements, follow ups, reports, analysis, work closely with Your team located all over the country, stimulate them, assist them, help them, listen to them, supervise them, set deadlines for them, receive and deliver reports, results, data for further decision processes and so on. To be successful in the role, you need to understand the market and forces behind it. Analyze and draw conclusions. Decide or help us to decide where we should put our efforts in order to meet upcoming trends. Having that in mind You will cooperate with all our departments as normal daily routine in order to optimize Your work, our work and our business in general.

We have flat organisation therefore You will directly work with Your team and You will directly report to MD of Precon Polska.

We expect that:

  • You have some university education – agricultural / technical departments – preferably from SGGW (Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego)
  • You have knowledge of farming, farmers and animal production. Maybe You already have that background.
  • You have some years of experience in sales on the field of agriculture, preferably technical branches of it.
  • You have been working on leading position of some groups, teams, sections, departments or similar.
  • You have to speak Polish very well. This is the language of our customers.
  • You have reasonable skills in English. There will be some cooperation with our colleagues in Sweden.

On the personal side:

  • Fit for working as driving force on marketing / sales field.
  • Fit for being a manager over a team and at the same time being Yourself a team member for Your boss,
  • Fit for being an independent but still being a strong team member with all of us,
  • Fit for being many times far and away, being flexible in other words. This job includes traveling in various extent and distance. You have a driving licence for some time now,
  • You well understand and can apply company priorities, profitability issues, can execute responsible freedom in Your conduct and last but not least You can and You will apply modern safe and heathy (H&S) approach to and in our work.

We provide:

  • Modern working environment in a modern company.
  • Good, stable, reliable employer. Most of us stay with the company for many, many years.
  • Friendly, supportive and helpful relationships. You will not be left alone.
  • Obviously, all necessary modern tools for the job.
  • Good – convenient location in the city – Domaniewska street nearby Galeria Mokotow.
  • Responsibilities but also authority on the field proper to the position,
  • Reasonable salary, individually set. Competitive but not top of the top.

Does it sound interesting? Does it reflect You, who You are, what You want or who You want to be?

Get in touch with us.

Should you have any questions you are welcome to contact us.

You may also email your application directly, in both Polish and English separately, with the reference “AGRI MANAGER”, “KIEROWNIK DZIAŁU AGRI” to: (+48 607 640 027) or (+48 667 512 301).

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